Nepal – The Land of the Himalayas

It was a tough year as I was concluding my engineering life, emotionally and physically exhausting. I needed to get away from the mundane schedule and breathe in the fresh air.

Coming from a place where I have experienced snowfall in books and online, I have always been fascinated to visit places where I could actually witness some snowfall. Visiting The Himalayas has always been on my bucket list and I wanted to tick it off mine. Therefore, I could narrow it down to places from where we could actually see these ranges. No other place came to mind but Nepal. The land where Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary had scaled the Mt. Everest.

Image courtesy: AndBeyond

This tiny country between India and China is home to the mighty Himalayas. Kathmandu, the capital city is where I spent most of my trip.

Day 1: As we landed late in the evening at the Tribhuvan International Airport, we didn’t have much energy to start exploring so we just walked around that night exploring and breathing in the Nepali environment. We did, however, use this opportunity mix up our dinner and have a continental dish of Fish ‘n’ Chips, some Lamb Rogan Josh with Naan bread and the world famous momos. This was a great way to kick start our vacation!

Day 2: Nepal is a land of temples, people here have the utmost faith in God and therefore, you find a place of worship on almost every street. We began our trip first by having the tradition “Thakkali set” which is a Nepali khana set, the staple food of Nepalese. It comes in variations of a Vegetarian option, fish, chicken or mutton(lamb). We ordered for a fish set. It consists of freshly blanched spinach, a mushroom potato curry, dal or lentils, fish curry, fresh curd, some salad, a tomato salsa, freshly made pickle we got the bitter gourd pickle, roasted pappadam and rice with their in house special “gheu” or ghee or clarified butter. This was as lip-smacking as the picture and was truly one of the best thaalis I have ever eaten.

Nepali Khana Set

In addition to this, we also had two other dishes which were, the bhetki fish fry which was a gram flour coated crispy fish and aloo chaap, a spicy grated potato and onion cutlets with the same coating as the fish. Both of them were equally delicious and had that authentic Nepali feel to it.

We then proceeded towards the Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most famous temples of Nepal. Unfortunately, it was closed when we went but were allowed to go inside the temple and have a look. While the main room where the main God rests was closed there was a beautiful golden cow right in front of it. Pashupatinath, simply translates to the Lord of all Pashus, which are living as well as nonliving beings. The temple was a red-bricked structure and filled with monkeys.

We drew the curtains to day 2 with some delicious food. The temperatures dipped drastically after sunset, nearing 0 degrees so we decided to have a quick and light dinner at one of the local sweet shops. Serving authentic Indian like food. We sipped some hot coffee and gorged on hot aloo paratha and freshly made jalebi.

Day 3: Nagarkota

We decided to spend our third day in a small town of Nagarkota which is supposed to be one of the best places to experience a sunrise or a sunset in Nepal. Since Nepal is a hilly area, the transportation isn’t fully developed and it takes hours to get from one place to the other. Nagarkota is approximately is a 1.5-2 hours drive from Kathmandu. Since driving early morning with zero visibility and freezing temperatures isn’t the most advisable things to do, we decided to experience the sunset instead of sunrise. And boy oh boy was it worth the trip! It is hard to put in words and pictures don’t begin to describe the beauty of that place. But I am going to try to show you with the help of pictures! So here we go…

Nagarkota gives a sneak peek into the Annapurna Range which is one of the ranges of the Himalayas! We also had the legendary Thukpa in one of the many restaurants near the sunset point. Nearing 0 degrees, gorgeous sunset view and steaming hot thukpa is what we all live for!

This brings us to an end of Part 1 of the Nepal Blog! Part 2 will be posted on Thursday i.e the 31st of January! Hope you liked my first blog post and would consider liking, sharing and subscribing to my website. Also, do follow me on Instagram!

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  1. Agnibesh Dutta says:

    This is awesome. Very well presented. The Jalebi pic is making me painfully hungry right now.


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