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DAY 4: Moving on to the 4th day and probably one of the best moments of the trip. Spending a day in Pokhara. We decided to make Kathmandu our base so that we could make a full day trip to Pokhara. An early morning flight was extremely gutsy to take since I have stayed in warm to pleasant weather conditions all my life. I have never experienced extreme climatic conditions and Nepal gave me a glimpse of it. We reached Pokhara and boy was it a beautiful airport! Unfortunately forgot to take pictures!

Since it was an early morning flight, we rushed to have some breakfast. Now here is the thing about Pokhara, almost all the tourist spots in this city are replicas of typical European streets. So if you do happen to visit this city nestled in between the Annapurna ranges, you will mistake it for a European city.

Coming back! We had breakfast at this extremely cute cafe called Beans ‘n’ Cream which was run by three siblings. The cafe was filled with catchy posters and a small library. Again, I got digging before I could capture our feast. Managed to click something though!

Cinnamon French Toast with beans and potatoes

Also managed to capture one of the funny posters in their bathroom.

Moving on, we first went to Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple, now as a family, we aren’t extremely religious by nature. Although we pray on occasion, yet we aren’t very devotional. Nepal is a place where you will encounter many temples and decided to skip the majority of them because we aren’t big believers. I say this with utmost regard and respect for every devotee out there, while they have their utmost faith in God we believe otherwise and we should learn to respect each other’s beliefs. This temple, however, our driver and tour guide of the day suggested that we wrap up first. This is basically a Shiva temple inside a cave and one has to literally go down the stairs to pray. The temple had an extremely beautiful vermillion colored architecture. It also has a tiny flea market near its entrance selling local yack wool shawls and souvenirs. All in all, it is a great place for people who love architecture and are staunch Shiva devotees.

Next, we moved on to Devi’s Falls often pronounced as Davis’ Falls, which nothing too extraordinary but its location is what wowed me. Set against the backdrop of the Annapurna ranges, one could see the ice-capped mountains clearly.

While driving through, the city the beautiful mountains are visible which makes the drives around the city extremely scenic.

Now onto my Top 2 places to visit when in Pokhara, Lake Phewa and Bindhyabasini Temple. Now starting off with the temple, I LOOOVED its location. Located right on top, it gave an even better view of the Annapurna with one of it’s most prominent peaks, Maachha Puchre which literally means Fish Tail, it is called so because of the structure resembles a fish’s tail. Also, it had beautiful bougainvillea trees clear blue sky and a full city view what else could one ask for on a chilly winter morning?

Coming to the final destination of Pokhara which is the Phewa Lake. Boy, what a beauty it was! The boat ride has various packages and we took the one that took us back and forth to the Barahi Temple. It was a half an hour boat ride along the river and one could fell the cold air in the face, paragliding activities and birds chirping nearby. We ended the lake visit by eating a freshly caught lake fish prepared in a local style. Thus, we drew curtains to our visit to Pokhara.

Oh! I did manage to capture a click of the Pokhara Airport!

DAY 5:  Last day in Nepal we decided to explore the rest of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. What a beautiful place Nepal is, while most of Kathmandu is still recovering and reconstructing few places which were destroyed by 2015 Earthquake it is just impressive to see the integrity of the Nepalis to forget the past.

Nepal has been a special visit for us just because of its warm hospitable people, lip-smacking food and gorgeous view. Our 5 day trip to Nepal cost around 400USD or 45K NPR excluding travel. A special shoutout to Hotel Shambala for the heartwarming hospitality and a stunning rooftop view!

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