How much is too much?

“Selfish”, according to the Cambridge dictionary it means, “caring only about what you want or need without any thought for the needs or wishes of other people” Ever wondered what makes a person selfish? Is it the upbringing? or the zodiac? Are we born this way or experiences of life makes us this way? Being a Cancerian, my zodiac makes me to be an emotional,…


If you have missed the part 1 of my blog, check it out here! DAY 4: Moving on to the 4th day and probably one of the best moments of the trip. Spending a day in Pokhara. We decided to make Kathmandu our base so that we could make a full day trip to Pokhara….

Nepal in Pictures…..

If you have missed my previous blogs, check them out here: Part 1: Nepal – The Land of the Himalayas Part 2: Nepal – The Land of the Himalayas If you like my post, do consider liking sharing and subscribing to my blog! You can also find me on Instagram!

Nepal – The Land of the Himalayas

It was a tough year as I was concluding my engineering life, emotionally and physically exhausting. I needed to get away from the mundane schedule and breathe in the fresh air. Coming from a place where I have experienced snowfall in books and online, I have always been fascinated to visit places where I could…

The Journey Begins!

Thanks for joining me! After serious contemplation(read: procrastination), I have decided to set up my blog. I still haven’t decided a “theme” per se, but I hope to reach as many of you as possible and be able to relate to you guys through my daily experiences and thoughts. (Don’t worry I ain’t your gyaan…